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Why Egab?

For Journalists

  • Access

    Egab allows you to reach a large number of news organisations from your hometown.
  • Empower

    Egab can pair you up with more experienced journalists, who can supplement your skills making your story even better and more appealing, in addition to access to online training and other services.

For Editors

  • Discover

    Egab allows you to discover original stories that would have otherwise remained unknown.
  • Economise

    Our journalists are native to the areas they are reporting from, so you don’t have to pay for travel, accommodation or fixers.
  • Trust

    Egab will fact-check pitches for you.

What is solutions journalism?

Solutions journalism (Sojo) is a genre focused on reporting how people are responding to problems in their communities.

Sojo has been shown to significantly engage audiences, especially younger ones.So, by offering an ongoing stream of sojo pitches, Egab helps news organisations attract and engage more audiences.

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